I got into laser printing in early 2018, and these are some of the pieces I’ve created.  I’ve experimented with maps, polyhedrals, and board games.   Want something custom made?  I'd love to collaborate or do a commission piece. Contact me!

Like what you see?  Some of these pieces are for sale in my online store.


Have your own Laser cutter or 3D Printer?  I sell many of these designs on my website:


I bought a Glowforge laser cutter to make these items and this is a great machine if you’re just getting into laser creation and design.

Want a Glowforge for yourself?  Use my referral link to save on a #Glowforge laser cutter and get $500 off a Pro or $250 off a Plus.  I get a little kick back if you use that link, and just end up buying more material to make stuff!